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In den Dorstigen Haen - About us

About us

Welcome to In den Dorstigen Haen, a one-of-a-kind culinary destination located in the heart of Venlo. Our establishment features five interconnected areas, each with its own unique atmosphere and character.
Our kitchen is dedicated to delivering great value with a menu that offers delicious and satisfying meals at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for a special occasion menu or a casual bite to eat, we have something for everyone.

Our cafés

Café Labierint

Step inside Cafe Labierint, our beer cafe, and discover a world of international beers, eight of which are on tap. The interior of the cafe is a feast for the eyes, featuring a buffet built from an old English court and a beautiful ceiling and tiled platform from 1875 from La Louviere in Belgium.

The Vergulde Gaper

the Vergulde Gaper, named after a well-known family of pharmacists from Venlo, is a cozy and inviting cafe featuring a fireplace and many old attributes from the apothecary world.

The Cistern and the Cavern

Our two medieval vaulted cellars, "the Cistern" and "the Cavern" are perfect for private parties and celebrations for groups of up to 90 people. The decor exudes a romantic atmosphere and the Cavern also features a separate room for a DJ.

In den Dorstigen Haen

In den Dorstigen Haen, named after the symbol of the local carnival association, offers a panoramic view of Venlo's beautiful town hall, and features one of Europe's largest whiskey collections and an extensive whiskey menu. Beer lovers will also find a wide selection of beers, including our award-winning Venloosch Wit and Venloosch Alt.
At the back of the café, you can admire the artwork of local artist Guy Olivier, showcasing the rich history and culture of Venlo. Come and discover the ultimate dining and entertainment experience at In den Dorstigen Haen, where history, culture, and great food come together to create an unforgettable experience.


In den Dorstigen Haen
Market 26, 5911 HD Venlo

Phone: 077-3547397

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday:  from 9:30am
Sunday: from 10:30am

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