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In den Dorstigen Haen - Food and drinks

Food and drinks

Welcome to In den Dorstigen Haen

When you visit us, we invite you to indulge in our delicious selection of hot and cold drinks. From rich cappuccinos to specialty beers brewed in Limburg, we have something to suit every taste.

We also offer a variety of food options to suit the time of day. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, enjoy a tasty lunch, grab a snack or indulge in a hot dish.

Want to know more about our menu options? Check out our Lunchcard and our Dining card


In den Dorstigen Haen
Market 26, 5911 HD Venlo

Phone: 077-3547397

Email: Contact Form

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday:  from 9:30am
Sunday: from 10:30am

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